Why So Long, Glanville?
April 13, 2007, 4:20 pm
Filed under: coffee, life

Photo thanks to Tonx

Well I hope most of you viewing my blog are doing so through an RSS reader. I would hate to put the three of you through the trouble of checking back so often when I’m so terrible with the updates.

I recently took my first legitimate stab at competition at the Western Regionals and did alright. Second to the unbeatable and unbelievably good Heather Perry. Not bad.

But am I satisfied with second place? No way. I’m hoping to up the ante for the USBC, working on my techs and trying to perfect the elusive signature drink. Through this whole process the sig has definitely caused the most headaches, and I think the judges weren’t wowed by it in the Western, so more work at the drawing board!

This year should prove to be the toughest ever. Making the finals is going to require a seriously good score, probably in the 700’s with the new format. Are we ready?

Well, I’m excited to see y’all in Long Beach. The coffeebar is coming along but unfortunately won’t be up and running for the show, but there will plenty to keep y’all entertained.

‘Til then, a little wisdom from our friend the Pstam :

“In our life, we always have to make choice for some times”

Right you are sir. Right you are…..