December 27, 2006, 6:02 pm
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Sorry for the delay in posting – There is a lot I could write about now (like all the cool details of the upcoming cafe and roastery) but I think it will be better to play those cards close to the chest for the time being.

I’ve been drinking a lot of fantastic coffee lately. Standouts include the Las Brumas Micro-Lot of the Nicaragua Flor Azul I-Mark and  the bangin’ CoE El Salvador Los Planes, both from Intelli. I’m swishing the Las Brumas back and forth in my mouth right now, its so floral and sweet. Delicious.

Recently we acquired an Eva Solo for the super-secret Intelli-LA HQ, and I’ve been loving the coffee that’s coming out of it. Like a french press, but cleaner. For my money this is probably the closest people brewing coffee at home can come to cupping without actually doing it. I don’t know if I prefer it over the chemex, but IMO it surpasses the french press by a considerable margin.

And let me say that I’m super-stoked to be working for Intelligentsia. The things the people here are doing to push the ball forward – unbelievable. And the coffees – damn….. Life is good.


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The eva solo was on my holiday “wishlist”, but I am still waiting (are you reading this Caroline???)

Comment by Reggie

Hey… I think I might have two! Do you have two of any brewing device to trade? 😉

Comment by kyleglanville

I think I might have something that interests you… but you would need to pay the shipping..

Comment by Reggie

i have the 1/2 liter version, but i just bought it for the neoprene suit. very fasionable.

Comment by Mike White

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