December 5, 2006, 5:29 pm
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As is already being reported here and here, Tonx and I took a little trip out to NYC for the weekend, mainly to check out the new Grumpy space.

Its pretty bitchin’, as far as I can tell.

Y’all know the stats :

Ecco Reserve Espresso

Counter Culture Clovered coffees

2 Clovers and no drip coffee (everything made to order)

Synesso Cyncra three group

Two Roburs

Lots of training by ex-Vickie Daniel

Sweet Chelsea Location

It was an eye opener to be sure. Its really wonderful to watch the New York coffee scene mature so nicely. It reminds me of Portland when I first visited some years back, except without the whole planet-Stumptown-center-of-gravity thing.

The progress of great coffee in New York instead seems reliant on the good nature, ambition and optimism of its key figures. It was inspiring to witness some of that evolution firsthand.

Thank you to Mike White, Chris Owens, Daniel Humphries, Gabe Lucas, Chris and Caroline, Ken Nye, Bob Peyton, M’lissa and all others who played host to us this weekend. Just remember, I was probably drunk.


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good times good times. NY is still a baby. We all take turns changing diapers. Thanks for coming Kyle. It was a treat. Even if you were drunk.

Comment by Mike White

Thanks for your visit Kyle – remember you are the true trainer of the trainers.

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