Greetings from L.A.
November 16, 2006, 3:34 pm
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As I have changed my home address, so has the blog.

Yes, I’ve relocated.

Some people may remember back in April my coffee-other-half Tonx and I both ended our relationships with Victrola. It was a sad day to be sure and I will always regard my time and the people there fondly.

So what does a down’n’out, freshly unemployed ex-barista do when faced with great uncertainty, such as “How’m I gonna afford food”?

He drops $1200 on a plane ticket to Charlotte to attend the SCAA’s annual trade conference the very next day.

It was well worth it, too. In many ways, the show was like a big group-hug with the coffee community. We slept on hotel couches, ate free meals at the parties, and generally mooched as much as we could. And it worked out great.

I met coffee luminaries like Doug Zell, Ric Rhinehart, Trish Skeie, Geoff Watts, Aleco Chigounis and others. I saw many of my old pals as well. It was a really wonderful time, and it served to refresh my faith in this “thing” – this pursuit of transcendent coffee.

A few really great job offers came out of it as well. Tonx and I were confronted with seemingly boundless opportunity, and one of the most difficult decisons ever.

So after much deliberation, we find ourselves in LA-LA-land, charged with the task of doing something compelling in one of the World’s most compelling cities.

There will be a coffeebar. There will be roasting. It will be ambitious.

Stay tuned….


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and damn does seattle miss you.
i cant wait to come to L.A. and taste your splendor.

Comment by luke

You foolios better hurry up and make your little “announcement” before I do. 😉

Comment by Nick

Nick is right…I can’t keep the secret that much longer!

Comment by Steve

I’m impressed, Kyle, by this dedication of your life to coffee as a transcendental activity; makes me think coffee needs a new name. Such a mundane household word after reading the eloquence of your philosophy.
How about if we combine coffee with transcendance and make tracoffdance?
or coffandance? toomuch like a dance style I know.
or traffee
or better yet, trannee?
Lastly, after you and tony, KYLONY?
Can’t waite to see you and D and have your very own cup of excellence in the Cali sun.

Comment by jessica jobaris

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